Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
Hannah. 20. Muhlenberg College. Phi Mu. Hunter. Highly Functioning Sociopath. STILES. Young Warlock. Waterbender. Gryffindor.


my roommate just got her period and came storming into the kitchen shouting THIS IS JUST NOT AN EFFICIENT REWARD SYSTEM FOR NOT GETTING PREGNANT.

"She’s my sister, she would never hurt me.”


Okay, so remember that time I said I wouldn’t wait so long to write again on my blog? Can we forget that I ever said that? No? Darn, it was worth a shot. Well, in that case, all I can say is sorry for being a bum. I had all intentions of staying true to my promise, but then I had a bunch of schoolwork to finish, internships to apply for, friends to host, European travelling to do, and episodes of…

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thats it, thats the show

Legendary Wolf.

I seriously don’t understand how you survive without me sometimes.


to quote hamlet act III scene iii line 92, “no”


#sir ian is only here for mcstewart hang outs and we all know it


Music is for people who can’t handle their own thoughts
- Matthew Healy (via t-he-1975)

Happy first april :D


Happy first april :D

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